About Us

Kochlias Custom Development stands out in the world of investment companies due to its strong commitment to a human-centric approach. With customer satisfaction as our highest priority, we provide customized services to meet unique needs. Our team of investment experts generously shares their wealth of experience with clients, helping them execute investments proficiently and manage their financial portfolios adeptly.

We believe that our clients are our collaborative partners, and our team members invest in cultivating a relationship based on trust and cooperation. We provide invaluable knowledge, educational resources, and expertise to aid our clients in comprehending and executing wise investment decisions.

Kochlias Custom Development is committed to creating an environment where clients receive constant support and comprehensive guidance, ensuring complete satisfaction and investment awareness. Our human-centric ethos and emphasis on collaboration have established us as a prominent real estate investment sector entity. Our unwavering commitment to excellence consistently delivers substantial value to our discerning clientele!

Manolis Skouloudis

Mr. Manolis Skouloudis

and his Pivotal Role

My name is Manolis Skouloudis and I am here to guide you through the entirety of the multifaceted process of investing in real estate. I work closely with a team of highly proficient legal experts, seasoned notaries, and proficient contracting teams, ensuring that every aspect of your endeavour goes smoothly.

Should your financial portfolio boast a substantial capital infusion, surpassing 350,000 euros, you can stipulate your preferred rate of return on investment with Kochlias Custom Development. I have extensive experience in evaluating the feasibility of investment objectives and can provide you with a comprehensive assessment. In addition in guiding you through the investment process, I meticulously curate a selection of properties, subjecting them to a rigorous process of renovation and enhancement. Once this is complete, I oversee their subsequent operation to ensure optimal market performance. I personally monitor the performance of these properties to ensure that they are operating at their best. However, once you purchase the property, you have the freedom to use it as you see fit.